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          Welcome to the official website of Ningbo Cata Polyurethane Co., Ltd.
          Strong after-sales serviceThe company's products maintain consistent quality, prompt delivery, and provide perfect after-sales service to create maximum benefits for...
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          Ningbo Cata Polyurethane Co., Ltd., one of the main suppliers of polyurethane raw materials in China, was established in 2002. The company mainly produces polyurethane color pastes for various purposes, in-mold/outer coatings, slow rebound (high rebound) cell openers, silica gel powder, antioxidants (anti-heartburn)...
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          Advanced production equipmentThe company's products are strictly in accordance with the technical standards of the company's production needs, checked at all ...
          Professional solutionThe company has achieved rapid development and scientific development, with innovation and breakthrough as the goal...
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